Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Inquiries

Founded in 1969, Schleicher County Nursing Home has always put our Residents first. Answers to some of the questions we most commonly recieve can be found below. Don't see your question below and/or need more information? Please contact us today!

How large is your facility? Is there a waitlist to get in? Do you offer hospice care? Is respite care available? How much does long term care placement cost and how do I pay? Are pets allowed? Are therapy services available?

How large is your facility?

Our home is able to accommodate 34 Residents. We have 30 private rooms and 2 semi-private rooms. Each room has private bathrooms with an ADA compliant toilet, a wheelchair accessible sink, and rimless shower with built-in shower seat. There is in-room climate control for both heating and air conditioning for your comfort. Each room has built-in closet and drawer space and an outside window. The private rooms also have ceiling fans. The approximate room dimensions are:

  • Private Rooms 13.5’ x 15.75’ (212 sq. ft.)
  • Shared Rooms 15.75’ x 18.75’ (295 sq. ft.)
  • Bathrooms 7’ x 9’ (63 sq. ft)

Is there a waitlist to get in?

While we do have a wait list, many people have asked to be on it for “future needs.” They may remain on that list for an extended period of time, until they need our assistance. A room may be available without being on the wait list. If you are looking for placement for yourself or a loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you offer hospice care?

We do partner with several regional Hospice services to provide care for Resident when that level of care become necessary. We offer respite and long term care for individuals with Hospice care.

Is respite care available?

When a room is available, we are able to offer respite care stays for individuals, whether they have Hospice care or not. Contact us for more information.

How much does long term care placement cost and how do I pay?

Long term nursing home care costs vary from facility to facility, but is less expensive than hiring 24 hour care in the home. SCNH accepts private pay, long term care insurance, and long term care nursing facility Medicaid. For more information about pricing or to find out if you might qualify for nursing facility Medicaid, please go to the contact page and e-mail us, or call our Social Worker at 325-853-3932.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed to visit, but we discourage any live-in pets. All animals should be clean, have trimmed nails, and be up-to-date on their shots. Frequent pet visitors need to provide a copy of their current short record to the administrative office and update it annually. All pet visitors need to be well-behaved with people of all ages and other animals. If a pet visitor has an accident, their human is responsible for cleaning the area.

Are therapy services available?

Out-patient therapy services are available through the Schleicher County Medical Center Therapy Department. This means the Resident will be taken to the SCMC Therapy Department for services. Medicare Part B will normally pay for these services.

In-patient therapy is often required after a hospital stay. When in-patient therapy is required, SCMC has a swing-bed program, which is usually covered by Medicare Part A.

SCNH is not a Medicare certified Skilled Nursing Facility. SCNH cannot file claims for Medicare to pay for services. SCNH does offer Restorative Therapy for long term care Residents. Please call for more information.