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Our Story

Schleicher (pronounced SHLĪ-ker) County Nursing Home has always put our Residents first. Our home was founded in 1969 and we were blessed to move into our beautiful new building in 2013. We focus on providing quality nursing care in a small, home-like environment. SCNH places a high value on quality of life, including Resident’s independence, friendships, healthy lifestyle, and medical care. Our mission is to enrich the aging experience by providing opportunities for active, engaged, and purposeful living. This benefits our Residents, but also their families, our staff, and the greater community.

We have had the honor to partner with families and provide care for the people of Schleicher County and the surrounding area for over 50 years. We offer both short and long term care, depending on your current health needs. At Schleicher County Nursing Home you’ll have every health support option easily available to you, not to mention nutritious and tasty meals. Enjoy the relaxing and fun amenities we offer, from manicures, to outings, to social events.

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